University of Naples Federico II

Rosanna del Gaudio

Department of Biology

Rosanna del Gaudio is Aggregate Professor of Molecular Biology at Federico II University of Naples (ITALY) and in this field she also carries out her research activity which includes in addition to typical molecular lab methods also Bioinformatics and cito-hystological approaches. In 1995 he received a PhD in Biochemistry at the University Federico II of Naples. In the last two decades, her research activity has mainly focused on the problems related to the Life evolution involved in the implications of the molecular mechanisms involved in transcription and reactivation of genes, in particular in the presence of environmental stress also in plants. The studies of post-transcriptional molecular mechanisms (splicing) and those of specific tissue expression of genes and pseudogenes and of the genetic code in relationship between pathogens and cells are also of her interest. She is co-author and co-owner of an international patent on catalytic activities of terrestrial and non terrestrial rocks (meteorites). She is a member of the Network of Researcher on the Chemical Evolution of Life and SIA. She is part of IJMS reviewer team.

Regulation of gene expression epigenetics
synthetic biology
molecular fingerprints