University of Naples “Federico II

Stefania Albrizio

Pharmacy Department

Stefania Albrizio graduated with laude in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, at the University of Naples “Federico II”, on March 1990.
In 1994 she obtained her Ph.D. in Pharmacologically Active Natural Substances at the University of Naples “Federico II”.
From 1995 to 1999 she worked at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Salerno attending research projects on structural studies of biologically active peptides.
In 1999 she gained a permanent position as researcher and, later, in 2004, as associate professor (scientific area CHIM/08) at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Naples “Federico II”.
Since 2001 she has been teaching to undergraduate students of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Faculty of Pharmacy and students of postgraduate school in Hospital Pharmacy of the University of Naples “Federico II”.
The current areas of interest are a) development and validation of analytical methods for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of xenobiotics different matrices; b) studies on nutraceutical properties of food compounds.

Analytical methods
environmental matrices