University of Turin

Alberto Alma

Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences

Full Professor, professor of General and Applied Entomology, Vine Entomology and Interactions in arthropods. He is involved in research concerning: emerging indigenous and exotic insects of agricultural interest, with particular attention to systematics, chorology, biology, ethology, epidemiology and population dynamics, applying innovative marking techniques, of vectors of phytopathogenic bacteria that cause diseases of economic interest; insect-bacteria interactions, role and mode of transmission of known species or putative vectors; insect-symbiotic interactions, with particular attention to primary and secondary symbiotic bacteria, potential agents of control against the host insect or phytopathogenic bacteria transmitted through the technique of symbiotic control; study of the indigenous and exotic natural enemies introduced for the control against phytophagous insects of agricultural interest, planning and realization of biological control programs. Design and realization of the classical biological control against chestnut gall wasp through the parasitoid Torymus sinensis. He is the author and coauthor of numerous articles in international scientific journals.

Indigenous and exotic insects of agricultural interest
insect vectors
insect-bacteria interactions
symbiotic control
biological control