University of Naples Federico II

Anna Andolfi

Department of Chemical Sciences

Researcher of Organic Chemistry at University of Naples Federico II (Italy). Professor of courses in Organic chemistry, Chemistry of natural compounds, Antioxidants and colorants for Department of Agricultural Sciences, Chemical Sciences and Biology of the same University. Anna does research in natural product chemistry, with special reference to fungi secondary metabolites. The main research topic concerns the identification of eco-compatible pesticides and/or drugs. Her studies led to the isolation and characterization of numerous bioactive compounds, the improvement of analytical methods, and study of structure-activity relationship. She has collaborated with many national and foreign research groups and she also take part in several research projects financed by foreign and national institutions.
Currently, she is Editor-in-Chief of the section “Crop Protection, Diseases, Pest and Weeds” of the journal “Agriculture” (MDPI, https://www.mdpi.com/journal/agriculture/editors).

Chromatographic techniques
chemical structure elucidation
spectroscopic techniques
secondary metabolites in plant-microbe interactions
endophytic and phytopatogenic fungi