University of Naples Federico II

Andrea Becchimanzi

Department of Agriculture

Andrea Becchimanzi is a Researcher (RTDA) in Entomology at the Department of Agriculture, University of Napoli (Italy). In 2019 he received a PhD in Biotechnology at the University of Napoli. The main topic of his research is the study of insect immunity and physiology in response to antagonistic interactions. He integrates physiological, molecular and bioinformatics analyses for the identification of biocontrol mechanisms and the development of novel bioinspired approaches for pest control. He collaborates with different research groups within the Department of Agricultural Science of UNINA (Prof. Gennaro Viggiani, Prof.ssa Rosa Rao, Prof.ssa Sheridan Woo), as well as out of the department (Prof.ssa Anna Andolfi, Dr. Alan Bowman from University of Aberdeen, CREA and CNR researchers), as evidenced by his indexed publications.

Host-parasite interaction
Parasitic wasp venom
Varroa destructor
Honey bee
Microbial entomopathogens