University of Palermo

Patrizia Bella

Department of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Sciences

Researcher (type B) at the Department of Agricultural, Food and Forest Sciences (SAAF), University of Palermo, Italy. She obtained the National Scientific Qualification as Associate professor (SSD AGR/12). She is responsible for the analysis of plant pathogenic bacteria and fungi of the Macro Laboratory of “Plant disease and pest control and applied mycology” of SAAF accredited by the Sicilian Plant Protection Service. She carried out research activity in foreign institutions. The research activity on plant pathogenic bacteria and fungi has focused on analysis of pathogen population, biological control, diagnosis, molecular plant-microbe interaction. She has been involved in the validation of diagnostic protocols for bacteria and fungi. She has collaborated with international and national groups and on the preparation of more than 50 papers published on technical or peer-reviewed journals with IF or indexed by Wos/Scopus. She is co-author of one patent. She is member of the Italian Society for Plant Pathology and the Italian Bacteriology group.