University of Turin

Ilaria Biasato

Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences

Fixed-term researcher of Type B in Zooculture at the University of Turin. Her research activity focuses on various aspects of farming and nutrition of fish, poultry and rabbits. In particular, she deals with the impact of insect-derived products (larvae, meals, and oils) on fish and poultry species, focusing on the productive performance, gut health and product quality of the insect-fed animals. More recently, she started working on the effects of organic waste on the production cycles of insect larvae (Hermetia illucens and Tenebrio molitor) and on the quality of the obtained products, as well as the determination of the nutritional requirements of the larvae. Partner and/or WP leader of PRIMA, H2020, Cariplo, CRT and Regione Piemonte projects. Scientific Editor of the Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition and author of 60 scientific articles in peer-reviewed international journals.

Insect as feed
Insect bioconversion process
Animal nutrition
Gut health
Insects nutritional requirements