University of Naples Federico II

Anna Capaldo

Department of Biology

Associate Professor of Comparative Anatomy and Citology at the Department of Biology University of Naples Federico II (Italy). PhD in Evolutive Biology. Her research deals with three main topics: 1) Study of the endocrine system of Reptiles (Podarcis sicula) and Urodele amphibians (Triturus carnifex), key organisms for the balance of the eco system, in normal and experimental conditions 2) Study of the changes induced from environmental pollutants in P. sicula and T. carnifex, considered excellent bioindicators of environmental contamination, for both their wide diffusion in terrestrial and aquatic environments, and their high sensitivity to environmental pollutants, due to their life cycle 3) Study of the endocrine and systemic alterations, induced from illicit drugs, considered common pollutants of the aquatic environments, on the European eel (Anguilla anguilla), well known biomonitor of environmental contamination.

endocrine disruptors
endocrine system
environmental illicit drugs