University of Naples Federico II

Maria Michela Corsaro

Department of Chemical Sciences

Professor of Organic Chemistry she graduates with full marks in 1985 about “Analysis of minor components of glycosidic extract from Muscari comosum by 2D NMR techniques”. 1986-she got the professional qualification in Chemistry. 1989-she earned the Ph. D. degree in Chemical Sciences about “Polysaccharides from Cycadaceae”. 1990- Research Associate of Organic Chemistry. 2002- full Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry. 1988-three months in the Carbohydrate Research Center, Athens (Georgia). 1989-two months in Mass Spectrometry laboratory in Bonn (Germany). Research activity, more than 130 scientific publications on international journals, oral and invited presentations at national and international conferences. Now, her research activity is about:
-Oligo/polysaccharide, isolated from lactobacilli and extremophiles, structural characterization
-Anti-microbial and anti-biofilm molecules isolation and characterization
Member of the Editorial Board of Marine Drugs and of International Journal of Molecular Sciences

mass spectrometry