University of Naples Federico II

Salvatore Cozzolino

Department of Biology

Salvatore Cozzolino is Full Professor of Botany at the University of Naples “Federico II”. The research of Prof. Cozzolino deals with reproductive biology of flowering plants, with a special focus on pollination mechanisms and on plant-insect interactions, from mutualism to parasitism. His interest focuses on the deceptive pollination strategies and related plant pollinator signaling pattern, on the interactions among plants, herbivores and pollinators. Prof. Cozzolino has been member of several national and international scientific committees and is the coordinator of the Biology PhD program. Collaborations with scientific institutions in United Kingdom (Kew Botanical Garden), Israel (Haifa University), Switzerland (ETH-Zurich), Australia (Camberra University) and Germany (Ulm University)

plant-herbivores interaction
flower scent
chemical communication
pollination strategies evolution