University of Naples Federico II

Cristina De Castro

Department of Agriculture

Prof. De Castro received the PhD in chemistry in 1996, and she is associated professor at the Department of Agricultural Sciences since 2015. Her research activity focuses on the structural biochemistry of carbohydrates from microbial source, specifically Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria and giant viruses. The final aim is to relate the structure of the glycans to their function. The development of this research has resulted in the development of state of art chemical and spectroscopical approaches useful for the structural analysis of any carbohydrate-containing sample. All the research activity of prof. De Castro is translated in the production of about 130 publications, with many in collaboration with different research institutions. She currently serves as reviewer in different journals and she is in the Editorial Board of Carbohydrate Research (IF 1.84) and Associated Editor of Carbohydrate Polymers (IF 7.18).

Teichoic acids
molecular modelling