University of Naples Federico II

Pantaleone De Vita

Department of Earth, Environmental and Resources Sciences

Professor of Engineering Geology at the University of Naples Federico II. Visiting professor at the University of California in Davis (USA) in 2002 and the USGS Landslide Hazard Program in Golden (Colorado-USA) in 2010. Scientific responsible for a contract with the Technische Universität Berlin, within the framework of the MedWater project. The main research topics are: 1) study of hydrogeological topics from the regional to the local scale: a) estimate of the recharge of carbonate aquifers of the southern Apennines and the effects of decadal climatic variability; b) assessment of the intrinsic vulnerability of aquifers to pollution; 2) study of landslides: a) shallow, in ash-fall pyroclastic deposits covering the mountain slopes of the peri-Vesuvian area, aimed at identifying trigger mechanisms and critical hydrological conditions for the triggering; b) deep-seated, in turbidite and Apennine basin series, and in rock slopes.

groundwater vulnerability
vadose zone
soil hydrological monitoring
shallow landslides