University of Siena

Pietro Paolo Fanciulli

Department of Life Sciences

Professor of Zoology and Entomology at the University of Siena. The main fields of interest are in Entomology and in Evolutionary and Reproductive Biology. He is a specialist in soil arthropod systematics with particular interest in the Class of Collembola. The systematic research (recognition and cataloging of species) has been implemented over the years with the study of genetic variability and structure in natural populations of edaphic arthropods through the application of genetic-molecular methodologies starting with the electrophoresis of allozymes and recently continued with the analysis of sequences of mitochondrial and nuclear genes after amplification by PCR. With these methods many populations of species of edaphic organisms have been analysed. Other topics involving Prof. Fanciulli are in the reproductive biology of both basal hexapods and pterygote insects, especially by studying the ultrastructure of the reproductive cells by transmission and scanning electron microscopy.

genetic variability