University of Naples Federico II

Ida Ferrandino

Department of Biology

PhD in Histology and Embryology. Researcher, she is qualified as associate professor in Comparative Anatomy and Cytology at Department of Biology of the University of Naples “Federico II”. Main her research topic is the study of the effects of heavy metals on the nervous and endocrine systems of fish and reptiles. At present she is scientific coordinator of the project “Toxic effects of Aluminum in Danio rerio”. For the expertise in both optical and electronic microscopy and cyto-histochemical techniques, she is involved in other research projects on the response of animal organisms to environmental contaminants and food additives. She is affiliated to Italian Society of Histochemistry, to Neapolitan Brain Group and to Italian Society of Developmental Biology and of the Cell (GEI-SIBSC) and is member of Academic Board – PhD course in “Biology” and of the Course post degree in “Environmental Alterations: theorical and practical aspects”.

heavy metals
environmental pollutants
nervous and endocrine systems