University of Milan

Paolo Gabrieli

Department of Biosciences

Research collaborator and adjunct assistant contract professor at the University of Milan, in 2011 he received the PhD in Cell Biology at the Animal Biology department of the University of Pavia. During his experience as a post-doctoral student at the University of Perugia and as visiting researcher at the Harvard Immunology and Infectious Diseases department, he used advanced molecular techniques for the study of mosquito reproduction for the development of vector control strategies. The interest in mosquito biology continues today, studying multiple aspects from reproduction to the molecular apparatus used for the blood meal. In his scientific career, he has dealt with important species of economic interest, especially with Tephritid Diptera, with the aim of providing new tools for the development of biotechnological strategies aimed at limiting the extensive use of insecticides.

vector control,
insect molecular biology,
insect behaviour