University of Turin

Laura Gasco

Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences

Full Professor of Zooculture at the University of Turin. Her research focuses on different aspects of the breeding and nutrition of fish, poultry and rabbits. Since10 years she has been dealing with the use of insects-derived products insects (larvae, meals, oils) in animal feed (fish, poultry, rabbits, pigs) assessing performances, quality and health aspects. More recently, the activity concerns the effect of organic waste on inset’ live cycle and on products quality, as well as on the evaluation of the larvae nutritional requirements. Coordinator and head of research project units PRIMA, H2020, Cariplo, CRT, Piedmont Region, Innovation Poles. Vice president of the “Insect Commission” of the European Society of Animal Production (EAAP), Associate Editor of the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed and member of the editorial board of Animals She is the author of over 150 articles in international journals with impact factor.

Insect as feed
Insect bioconversion process
Animal nutrition
Product quality
Insects nutritional requirements