University of Turin

Elene Gonella

Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences

Associate Professor, teacher of Grapevine Protection – Entomology, Zoology and Parasitology, and Interactions in arthropods. Her major research interests regard the study of native and exotic insects of emerging agricultural interest, and the vectors of economically relevant plant pathogenic bacteria. Specifically, she conduct studies on insect-bacteria interactions, and on their effect on insect bio-ethology, physiology and immunity, epidemiology, and population dynamics, as well as on the biocenosis they belong to. Particular focus is given to the role and the transmission modalities of well-known and potential vector species, and to symbiotic interactions with bacterial primary and secondary symbionts, representing a potential source for symbiotic control strategies against insect pests and/or vectored bacteria. She is involved as author/co-author of several scientific papers on indexed international journals.

Insect-microorganism interactions
Vectors of plant pathogenic bacteria
Symbiotic control
Microorganisms in food webs