University of Naples Federico II

Simone Landi

Department of Biology

Dr Simone Landi is a research fellow at University of Naples, Federico II since july 2019. He received a PhD in Applied Biology at the University of Naples, Federico II (2016), and he was research associate at National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry from 2018 to 2019. The research activity is focused on plants responses to abiotic stresses (e.g. drought, salinity, nitrogen starvation) both in model plants (Arabidopsis) both in high valuable crops (barley, tomato, pepper, wheat). The research activity on crops was mainly conducted using molecular, biochemical, physiological and NGS approaches on specific ecotypes, landraces and genotypes from different regions of the Mediterranean area. Additional research interests are biotechnological applications on algal and diatom species.

Plant physiology
abiotic stress
algal biotechnology
crops research bioinformatics