University of Naples Federico II

Giuliano Langella

Department of Agriculture

Researcher in Pedology and Pedometrics at the Univeristy of Naples Federico II (Italy) and Visiting Researcher on Digital Soil Mapping and Pedometrics at The University of Sydney, in 2008 he received a PhD in Pedology at the University of Naples Federico II (Italy), and he was researcher at the National Research Council (Italy) from 2008 to 2016. He studies and implements methods and techniques to enable the geospatial analysis and representation of soil (and other environmental) properties and classes, including land degradation approaches that can also be embedded in decision support systems, such as tools to quantify (i) the soil sealing and land take in Italy (developer of the web platform Soil Monitor, soilmonitor.it) and (ii) the land degradation and urban planning in Europe (coordinating the IT partners in the H2020 Project called LandSupport, app.landsupport.it).

decision support systems