University of Naples Federico II

Rosa Lanzetta

Department of Chemical Sciences

Full Professor of Organic Chemistry and Head of the Department of Chemical Sciences of the University of Naples Federico II. Member of the Academy of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Winner of prestigious awards including the “Berti Medal” for her contribution to research in the field of carbohydrates. Her scientific activity has developed in the field of chemistry of natural substances as documented by over 250 scientific publications in international journals. They have as their object the structural determination of secondary metabolites with potential biological activity through the use of the most modern techniques of NMR spectroscopy. Her scientific interest is currently focused on the of carbohydrate chemistry field, in particular on polysaccharides and their structural determination. Both polysaccharides of plant and bacterial origin, associated with a biotechnological and biomedical interest, were investigated.

Organic chemistry
structural characterization
NMR spectroscopy