University of Siena

Stefano Loppi

Department of Life Sciences

Associate Professor of Environmental and Applied Botany at the Department of Life Sciences, the University of Siena, Italy. The research interest is focused on biological effects of air pollution, plant-soil relationships and the application of plant-based products. Scientific coordinator of several research projects. Member of the editorial boards of several international journals. Reviewer for many international journals as well as national and international research programs. Coordinator of six Erasmus programs. President of the Italian Lichen Society (2011-2014); member of the Steering Committee of the Foundation for Climate and Sustainability (2012-2015); member of the Steering Committee of BioMAP – Biomonitoring of Atmospheric Pollution (2006-present). Author of >170 scientific papers in refereed journals. Included in the list of top Italian scientists of Via-Academy and in the list of top 100.000 world scientists of Plos Biology.