University of Siena

Simona Maccherini

Department of Life Sciences

Professor of Monitoring Biodiversity at the University of Siena (Italy) in 2005 she received a PhD in in Science and Technology Applied to Environment at the University of Siena. She is a founding partner of Academic SPIN-OFF of Siena University Siena “Terra Data Environmetrics”. Current researches are in habitat monitoring and conservation, cross-taxon congruence and biodiversity of agroecosystems. She favorite tools of investigations are experimental and sampling design for short-, mid- and long-term study, uni- and multivariate analysis techniques. She is a member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Vegetation Science and Diversity. She currently serves as member of the directive of Ecology group of the Italian Botanical Society. Member of the Eurasian dry grassland Group and of the Italian Habitat monitoring at National Scale Group.

cross-taxon congruence
vegetation science