University of Siena

Daniela Marchini

Department of Life Sciences

Assistant Professor of Biology and Didactics of Biology at the Department of Life Sciences (DSV) of the University of Siena. The research activity is focused on the biology of reproduction of agricultural pest insects (functional and biochemical morphology). Attention is also paid to antimicrobial peptides related to animal reproduction.
P.I. and Co-P.I. of various national and regional projects.
Scientific reviewer for numerous international scientific journals and national and international research programs.
Author of numerous articles in international journals and books.
Referent, for the University of Siena, of the National Biology and Biotechnology Scientific Plan and Delegate of the DSV to the Student Orientation Programme.
Member of the University Committee for the Management of Teaching PF24.

Insect reproduction
accessory glands
sperm transfer
sperm storage