University of Naples Federico II

Roberta Marra

Department of Agriculture

She graduated with honors in Food Science and Technology in 1999 and received a PhD in Agrobiology and Agrochemistry in 2008 at the University of Naples Federico II. Since 2019 she has been a fixed-term researcher of type B at the Department of Agriculture of the Federico II University where she deals with the study of the complex interaction between plants, beneficial microorganisms and pathogens. She spent several periods of research abroad; in 2009 she received the Endeavor Research Fellowship Award for carrying out research projects at Australian universities. In 2018 she obtained the National Scientific Qualification for the functions of associate professor for the sector AGR / 12 Plant pathology. She is Secretary and Treasurer of the Italian Plant Pathology Society. She is currently Guest Editor of several Special Issues published in impacted international journals and from 2019 she is Associate Editor of BMC Plant Biology journal.

Biological control
plant pathogens
plant pathogens
bioactive compounds