University of Naples Federico II

Antonio Marzocchella

Department of Chemical, Materials and Industrial Production Engineering

Full Professor of Chemical Plants. Graduated cum laude in Chemical Engineering. PhD in Chemical Engineering. Doctor Honoris Causa Environmental Engineering “Gheorghe Asachi” TU of Iasi (Romania). Editorial Board of “Int J Nonlinear Science & Numerical Simulations”. Chairman of the BSC and MSc in Industrial Biotechnology. Research activities (wpage.unina.it/biop.eng.lab/home.htm): development of multiphase bioreactors and systems for intensive autotrophic cultures; bioconversions by means of free and/or immobilized cells under aerobic/anaerobic conditions; bioremediation of industrial wastewaters; dynamics of multi-phase bioreactors; production of biofuels and green-chemicals by biotechnological routes; CCS and CCU; hydrodynamics of gas-liquid-solids systems; techno-economic assessment processes. Scientifical responsible of research groups involved in international/national projects and in investigations committed by industrial partners. About 200 scientific contributions, 4 patents

tecno-economic assessment