University of Naples Federico II

Stefania Pindozzi

Department of Agriculture

Stefania Pindozzi is Associate Professor of Rural Building and landscape planning at Department of Agricultural Sciences of University of Naples Federico II. She holds a PhD in Science and Technologies for Environmental and Forest Management at the University of Tuscia in Viterbo (Italy) and has completed graduate studies in Environmental Engineering, with honor, at University of Naples Federico II.
Stefania Pindozzi’s main research activities deal with: i) Manure management optimal strategies aimed to reduction of environmental impact; ii) Ammonia emission assessment after animal manure application to the soil, with special attention to implementation of innovative measurement techniques; iii) Land use change models for scenario analysis to assess ex ante or ex post landscape management strategies; iv) Implementation of spatial multi criteria decision analysis combined with ecological indicators to support landscape management; v) Energy crops spatial allocation and their potential environmental impact. Research activities are carried out in open field or small scale experiments, as well as with the use of software (ESRI ArcMap, InVest etc.) according to the different research purpose.

Manure management
ammonia emissions
manure treatment strategies
land use/cover change
rural planning