University of Naples Federico II

Filomena Sannino

Department of Agriculture

Associate Professor of Agricultural Chemistry at the University of Naples “Federico II” (Italy). In 1994 she received a PhD in Agricultural Chemistry, at the University of Naples “Federico II”, and was researcher from 2004 to 2018. The main research activities concerned a) innovative technologies for soil and waters remediation by using mesoporous materials, hybrid nanocatalysts, magnetic nanocomposites, and humic substances, and b) use of natural biopolymers for agricultural and food application. She is a Member of -Interdepartmental Research Center-Laboratory of Urban and Territorial planning (from 2013 to today); -“Technical Scientific Committee, “Food Security and New Technologies” (from 2013 to today); -Italian Association of Agricultural Chemistry (from 2003 to today); -Pesticide and Environment Italian Research Group (from 2003 to today); -Editorial Board “LIGNOCELLULOSIC BIOMASS TO LIQUID BIOFUELS” Elsevier Inc.(2017). She is Guest Editor for “Catalysts” and “Processes” (MDPI)

mesoporous materials