University of Naples Federico II

Lucia Santorufo

Department of Biology

Researcher of Ecology at the University of Naples Federico II (Italy), in 2013 she received a PhD in Applied Biology and Agronomy at the University of Naples Federico II and at the University of Lorraine (France) about the effects of the land use transformation on community of soil organisms. After, she worked on the effects of climatic changes on plant and soil organism communities and their interactions in Mediterranean environment at the Université Montpellier III, (France). She did a post-doc about the remediation of highly polluted brownfields through several tools of ecological engineering, at Institut Superieure d’Agronomie, Lille (France). Recently, she was responsible to build a network of researchers to perform a long-term biomonitoring of soil, plant and fungi biodiversity, in French territory.

Soil ecology
community ecology
soil mesofauna
functional traits of invertebrates
global changes.