University of Naples Federico II

Sheridan Lois Woo

Department of Pharmacy

Associate Professor at the Dept. Pharmacy UniNa (2016) in Patologia vegetale (SSD/AGR12) and Associate member of CNR-IPSP (2005); assistant professor (2005) and Technician (2000) at the Dept. of Agricultural Sciences UniNa; Technician at Dept. Horticultural Sciences, Cornell University USA. Scientific activity is focused on the use of beneficial microbes in agriculture for: 1) biological control of phytopathologies caused by fungi, bacteria, nematodes and insects; 2) increasing plant defense response to biotic and abiotic stress; 3) plant growth promotion, and improvement of crop production and quality; 4) selection, development of innovative biological formulations and biotechnology of products for crop protection and ecosustainable agricultural production. She has developed scientific collaboration with Italian (CNR, ENEA, etc.), and international Institutions in USA, Canada, in EU, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Sweden; China, Mexico.

Biological control
ecosustainable agriculture
microbial consortia