University of Turin

Luciana Tavella

Department of Agricultural, Forestry and Food Sciences

Full professor, lecturer in charge of Biological and integrated pest control, Pest management in cropping systems, Zoology and parasitology. Her research activity mainly concerns the following topics of agricultural entomology: – biology and epidemiology of native and exotic insect pests of recent importance; – biology, behaviour and ecology of natural enemies (e.g., predatory bugs and hymenopteran parasitoids), and evaluation of their efficiency in controlling pest outbreaks; – biological and integrated control of insects noxious to crops; – study on virus-vector relationships in the thrips-tospovirus system. She is actively involved in the recent national programmes of mass rearing and release of exotic biological control agents, such as Trissolcus japonicus and Ganaspis brasiliensis. She is the author of numerous publications in international scientific journals.

Agricultural entomology
Biological control
Integrated pest management
Crop pests
Natural enemies