University of Milan

Silvia Toffolatti

Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences – Production, Territory, Agroenergy

Silvia Laura Toffolatti graduated in Biological Sciences in 2002 and obtained a PhD in Agricultural Ecology in 2007. She is associate professor in Plant Pathology at the University of Milan since 2018. Her research activities mainly concern the sustainable management of grapevine downy mildew. In this context, Dr. Toffolatti conducts research on the biology, genetics and epidemiology of Plasmopara viticola, host-pathogen interaction, resistance to fungicides and the effectiveness of new fungicides. Similar studies are also carried out on the agents of grey mold of grapevine and potato late blight. She is a member of the Italian Plant Protection Association (AIPP) board, and a member of the Italian Phytopathological Society (SIPAV) and National Order of Biologists (ONB).

Plant pathology
phytopatogenic fungi
fungicide resistance
grapevine disease management
plant-pathogen interaction