University of Naples Federico II

Valeria Giosafatto

Department of Chemical Sciences

Dr Giosafatto C. Valeria L. research experience started during thesis internship in 2000 at the Dpt of Food Science of University of Naples. She has then enrolled on a PhD course in Biotechnology. During the PhD, she spent 1 year on a Marie Curie host fellowship at the Institute of Food Research Norwich (UK) where she worked on biopolymer films from fennel pectins. In 2008 she has successfully applied for a Marie Curie Post Doc to work at IFR for 2 years. Currently she is Assistant Professor at Dpt of Chemical Sciences of University of Naples Federico II. She works on the use proteins and carbohydrates to prepare bioplastics for food and agriculture sector. She is author of 38 articles, different reviews and editorials. She has been guest editor for the journal Coatings (MDPI) and International Journal of Molecular Sciences (MDPI). She is currently guest editor for the journal Foods (MDPI).

enzymatic treatment
biological properties